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Kan Herb Products

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Kan Essentials

Kan Essentials are liquid and tablet versions of the most commonly used Natural Path products.

US and Canadian distributors of Natural Path products also distribute these Kan products. Whether you are a US or Altvetmed customer, you can order them from this site. Click on the product links to see available formats and sizes for adding to your cart.

Quality Assurance

Kan products are manufactured in California at an FDA inspected facility. Kan Herb meets or exceeds all GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) requirements for herbal remedies, and satisfies all Health Canada requirements regarding product safety and labelling.

The identities of all herbs used in Kan products are authenticated prior to manufacture. Additionally, the ingredients test free of:

  • Pesticides
  • Aristolochic acid
  • Yeast
  • Molds
  • Heavy metals

Liquid Extracts

Liquid extracts contain eight times the active ingredients of an equivalent amount of raw dried herb, allowing even small doses to be effective. They are rapidly assimilated by the digestive tract.

To make liquid extracts, Kan decocts the herbs in a water-alcohol matrix. A closed system allows recapture of any active ingredients that would otherwise evaporate away. Glycerine is added to improve the taste.


To make tablets:

  1. The herbs are finely milled and thoroughly blended into a powder
  2. The powder is exposed to steam to break down cellulose, kill microbes, and make the tablets more digestible
  3. A closed system is used to recapture active ingredients that would otherwise evaporate away
  4. The tablets are coated with micro cellulose, a natural vegetable-based coating

MycoHerb Products

MycoHerb products are made from medicinally superior strains of mushrooms. They are grown on a substrate of organic grain under controlled hygienic conditions. No chemicals are used and the products are yeast-free. They are harvested just before fruiting, when nutrient levels are the highest.

Mycoherbs are made from the mycelium, or "roots" of the mushroom. Nutrients are highest in this tissue of the mushroom, with immune-stimulating polysaccharides making up as much as 15% of the mycelium at harvest time.

To contain the most concentrated product possible, MycoHerb products are made using a dual extraction process. The first phase uses water to extract the immune polysaccharides while the second phase uses alcohol to extract the triterpeneoids, oils and mushroom resins. Products extracted through both water and alcohol are more nutritionally complete and active.

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