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Our number one goal is to see you get great results

This book provides excellent advice on the use of Chinese herbs from any manufacturer

Essential Guide to Chinese Herbal Formulas

by Steve Marsden
DVM, ND, MSOM, LAc., Dipl.CH, Grad Dip Vet Acup, Grad Dip VCHM, CVA, AHG

  • Published by CIVT in 2013
  • Printed on paper from sustainable forests
  • Spiral bound so it opens flat in your dispensary or office
  • Hard back for durability
  • Pages are color coded so you can skip to the right area quickly
  • Indexed for speed

Published and sold by CIVT

"The most practical tool you'll ever use to practice faster yet more effectively"

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this book is indispensable to clinical practice.

You will use it every day to help you:

  • Prescribe quickly and accurately for a condition
  • Understand exactly how the formulas work from both Chinese and biomedical perspectives
  • Integrate formulas safely and effectively with conventional medical treatment
  • Become comfortable and confident with Chinese medical theory
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