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Quality Assurance

At Natural Path, we ensure safety of our products by:

Above all else, do no harm


  • Selling only to properly trained clinicians
  • Relying on time-tested formulas
  • Employing rigorous production standards

Classical Formulas: Time-tested Treatments

Legend has it that ten thousand Chinese formulas have been published. Of these, only a couple of hundred are so safe and effective as to still be in common use centuries or even millennia later.

Zhang Zhong Jing

These formulas form the backbone of our products, and their popularity has made them among the first to be studied scientifically.

Their dynamics have been studied for centuries and their precise indications have been illumined in detail over many centuries. They are the perfect formulas for getting results while avoiding side effects.

Rest assured our versions of these formulas contain:

  • No drugs
  • No endangered species
  • No animal parts

Nothing Bad Added, Nothing Good Taken Away

Natural Path formulas are known for always delivering the expected results from bottle to bottle. We put this down to our exceptional quality control.

Our plant ingredients are made in an FDA-inspected facility utilzing aseptic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified methods, achieving an international standard of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry

NPHC Dang Shen Field

Unlike other companies, our plants are grown on plantations organically under ideal soil, light and moisture conditions, and harvested at the perfect moment. All this ensures that the active ingredients of our herbs are at their maximum levels in every batch. It also means our herbs are sourced using sustainable ecologically sound practice.

Sorting NPHC herbs

Once at the factory, we pick through the herbs carefully, even going so far as to examine them under the microscope, to make sure each one we use looks healthy and is definitely the right species. We use the whole of each herb, capitalizing on synergies among active ingredients that mnimize the chance of side effects.

Natural Path herb vats

When cooking the herbs, we tailor the time and temperature to each plant, collecting any volatile oils that are released for adding back later. These two steps mean maximum chemical potency - something we confirm at the end using gas and liquid chromatography, spectrometry, and mass spectrophotometry. No excipients are added as we vacuum dry the cooked herbs into granules, which means the herbs maintain their organic status throughout.

Vacuum-drying granules

After confirmation of appropriate chemical content we take samples and try to damage them by exposing them to extremes of temperature and humidity. Any product that retains its activity under this onslaught is permitted to claim a two year expiration date. We then recheck those samples over those years, ensuring they truly do remain active.

In short, we take every precaution to ensure each of our products has

Product display
  • The correct species
  • The correct active ingredients
  • Full activity well beyond expiration
  • No contaminants of any kind

The granules we end up with are five to ten times more potent than the ground dried herbs we started with, which means small doses will still have an impressive effect.

Once our herbs are out in the world, regulatory agencies check our work. Our formulas and ingredients are subject to ongoing inspection by organizations such as the FDA to ensure they contain:

  • No additives
  • No heavy metals
  • No pesticides and herbicides
  • No drug residues

To sum up, we never put anything extra into the bottle other than what is listed on it. What's on the label is exactly what's inside - no more and no less.

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