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All over the world practitioners get great results with Natural Path Herb Company products:

You have the BEST customer service - I so appreciate your help. Your company makes ordering herbs so easy!.

Dr. Cara Warkentin, Manitoba, Canada

As a neophyte in herbal medicine, I found the myriad of products available in the marketplace overwhelming. Natural Path has made my journey gratifying and my patients appreciative. They provide quality products I can confidently prescribe and rely upon.

Dr. Debbie Boyd, Ontario, Canada

Every herb Dr. Steve Marsden has ever recommended from Natural Path has worked a treat. I'm grateful to have them to resort to. One of the great things about Natural Path herbs is their quality control, making their products consistently effective. When I can't get them and have to use alternative brands, my patients have experienced drastic deterioration with the return of their clinical signs. It's so great to have Natural Path herbs in Australia!

Dr. Donna Scott, Victoria, Australia

My results with Natural Path Herb Company formulas have been excellent and they are part of my first line of treatment. Ordering the products is consistently easy. Their granular extracts are highly palatable, even for cats, and are easy to dispense, especially with their color-coded labels.

Dr. Elise Holt, Washington, USA

I have been using herbal formulas and herbs from the Natural Path Herb Company since its inception. I now use them to the exclusion of all other companies. The quality of the products is consistently excellent. The people on the end of the phone at the Natural Path Herb Company are cheerful and helpful and orders are dealt with speedily. If you are new to Chinese herbal medicine, try a few of the basic formulas (E.g. Si Miao San, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Ba Wei Di Huang Wan) on some cases. You won't be disappointed. I have yet to return a single bottle.

Dr. Janice Crook, B.C., Canada

We have been using Natural Path as our primary provider of Chinese herbal formulations for two years now, and we have been delighted with our association with them. Their herbs are very consistent in their quality and formulation. Their service has been consistently good, and their guidance has been invaluable on some of our tougher cases. I would whole-heartedly recommend using Natural Path Herb Company to veterinarians as a source of herbal formulas.

Dr. Wanda Vockeroth, Alberta, Canada

I trust the quality of Natural Path Herb Company's products because of the results I have seen with them in many of my patients. Natural Path staff are friendly and responsive. Their advice has helped significantly with difficult cases, especially when just starting with herbal medicine.

Dr. R. David Lindsay, Massachusetts, USA

I have ordered exclusively from The Natural Path Herb Company since I started using starting using herbal treatments for my patients. Their ability to explain and simplify Chinese medicine has awakened within me a renewed enthusiasm for this modality. I have found good compliance of both my patients and their owners for the various herbs I have prescribed. The products are consistent, give the results I expect, and are cost effective. The staff is helpful and friendly. I recommend the products supplied by Natural Path to anyone.

Dr. Kathleen Airth, Alberta, Canada

It has been exciting having a company like Natural Path Herb Company to work with. Natural Path Herb Company has become my number one supplier for Chinese herbal formulas and Western herbal tinctures. I have a very progressive small animal hospital that prides itself on offering integrative therapies from full conventional medical diagnostics, surgery and medicine to alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal medicine. Being in a very busy practice makes it difficult to keep proficient in all of these modalities. By relying upon the Natural Path Herb Company, offering my clients safe and effective Chinese and Western herbal therapies has never been easier.

Dr. Rob Butler, Ontario, Canada

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